Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Things that Make Me Happy

Things That Make Me Happy:
-Jessica, Nathan, Sam, Max, Todd and Rosita, too.  (my children and puppy)
-Charlie, of course (my dh)
-Seeing my family once again
-my bff's Carole and Cynthia
-playing in my studio Anytime day or night---I'm soooo lucky to have my 'own' little space!
-aftcm (you know who you are!)
-telephone calls from long ago friends
-weddings (of which we missed)
-receptions (of which we didn't miss)
-cooking classes at William Sonoma---so free!
-playing Yahtzee with Charlie
-playing with Charlie lol
-when creative juices are flowing
-Jacob, Nathan, Adam, Zaelyn, and Taylor (my grandkids)
-when my children call
-when I call my children
-feet rubs-Charlie gives the best
-freshly painted rooms-which I feel the need to do
-redecorating-don't I wish!
-soda instead of coffee
-going out to breakfast anytime day or night
-watching football and knowing what I'm talking about (sorta)
-watching baseball with the guys and REALLY knowing what I am talking about
-little league, high school, and select baseball games (oh how I miss them!)
-the chance to be room mother all over again (or at least send something crafty to the grade school parties!)
-saying "hi" on my blog!

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Tolegranny said...

A great list for journalling.