Saturday, September 4, 2010

DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We have a contest winner!  Before I announce the winner I would like to thank everybody for all of their great ideas!  So many wonderful suggestions that I couldn't pick just one.  Sooooooooooooo.......I numbered the comments from 1-11 and asked Charlie (DH) to pick a number from 1-11, including the numbers 1 & 11.  He picked #7.  That means PENNA Won!  Here is what she had to say:

You could use this as a changing display. each season or holiday you could paint or decoupage a backing for the shelves. If you're not feeling especially creative, scrapbook or wrapping paper would do the trick. mount them on cardboard or something similar in weight. That way they will be easy to pop in and out. Then have some fun filling the cubbies with seasonal decor--anything from ornaments at Christmastime, eggs and bunnies for Easter, things from nature walks with the kidlets for fall--to favorite photos of past celebrations. Be creative and mix it up. Add small paintings in some, rolled up towels in others. Even utensils or spice jars would be adorable! Can't wait to see what you come up with.

If you could email me your information, your prize will be on it's way.  Thanks again, everyone, for playing in my Contest-it's been a blast!  Elle

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Anonymous said...

Elle we have a lot in common. I too am BP TYPE 2. These days I seem pretty stable haven't had any major depression now for a little over 7 yrs. Life is pretty good.
Can't wait to see you turn your find into art.
Oh I too have a strong belief in God as well. That makes us sisters I think. Sanna