Saturday, August 27, 2011

Back to school!

Since all of the kiddies are headed back to school this time of year I thought I would make a card to honor such an occasion!  I use to love getting new pencils, paper, crayons, markers and folders when I was a child.  Oh, the anticipation.  I am not sure what this Tilda is called but I fell in love with it when I received it in an image swap that I participated in a year or so ago.  (great way to expand your image collection!).  She reminded me of Jessica (dd) with the glasses and all.  Jessica has worn glasses since she was 20 months old.  I loved using my new large scalloped border die from My Favorite Things on my card today. I also used one of their dies to make my Rolled Rose flower (blue).  I really like the way this one turned out.  Isn't she adorable?  Love, Elle

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Two ways to use your paper

Today I thought I would share with you some experimenting that I did using dp two different ways.  (of course I didn't write down the source of the paper-sorry!).  The first card shows Priscilla, the adorable pixie from stampingbella.  This stamp set comes with the most darling set of 4 different pixies.  Too cute!  I used some of my nestabilities as well as a die from Papertrey Inc. to add my elements.  Of course there had to be three pretty buttons to add just the perfect touch. 
Here is the first card:
The second card showcases another stamp from Lockhart stamp company.  I love aprons and remember my grandma always wearing her Sunday best apron as she cooked for her large family and friends.  This time I did some paper piecing, using a different paper for the bib than I did the skirt of the apron.  I really wanted to showcase it so I circled my image with rhinestones giving it just the right touch, don't you think?  Which card to you like better?  I am partial to the Pixie card.  On the other hand I really like the apron.......decisions, decisions!  Love, Elle

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Recipe Card

I have been a bit handicapped when trying to put together a project and this recipe card certainly shows it.  I love the new mini stamps and wanted Tilda to look like a charm hanging off the ribbon bow.  I colored her with colored pencils and copic markers (mostly for the face/skin) then added diminsional glaze to give it that charm look.  The recipe is a must try-YUMMY!  I kept this card simple.  I hope that you like it!  Love, Elle

Thursday, August 18, 2011

My Little Adventure

Before I share my little adventure with you I would like to take a moment to thank everybody for their prayers and well wishes as well as the lovely comments left on my blog.  Heartwarming to be sure.
My little adventure.  I recently celebrated a birthday and every year Charlie (dh) takes me to the InkSpot (a quaint little shop housed in a victorian home in the heart of Kirkwood, Missouri) and lets me pick out some goodies.  I had recently purchased a paper pad from Papertrey Inc. that is full of yummy fruits.  Apples. Watermellon. Pears. Cherries. Strawberries.  I have been itching to use them and was searching for the perfect stamp to compliment my paper.  What better collection than Lockhart Stamp Company!  There were some sample cards made using three "perfect" apples that fit the bill but they didn't have the stamp.  Wahhhhhh!  Why does that always happen?  I meondered over to the counter where the owner was talking to what I thought was another customer and asked if the stamp can be ordered.  Low and behold the other "customer" pulled the stamp out and handed it to me.  What?  A used stamp?  Not on your life. (the stamp was actually brand new-aren't I the snob!) The other customer was none other than Karen Lockhart, owner and designer!  Oh my goodness was she nice!  Not only did I get to meet Karen, she showed me all of her designs, all of the unrealeased stamps, (in her notebook all of her designs where in color) she also gave me tips on coloring them with colored pencils AND copic markers!  Be still my heart.  I love this company and spend time periodically pouring over the stamps on her website.  If you click on them they show up in color.  The site does not do them any justice.  You should see them in person!  You should see what she has in store for us!  Karen is one of the nicest, most giving person that I have met in a long time.  I feel really blessed!  What an adventure!  Not only did I get the stamp, Karen also signed it "Happy Birthday, Michelle from Karen Lockhart".  I will cherished it always.  Love, Elle

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Why I have been absent from blogland

Since it has been a bit since the last time I posted to my blog I thought I would share a brief explanation as to why.  About two weeks ago my body swelled up horribly.  I kid you not, my face looked like someone had attached a large round balloon to my neck, my eyes were swollen shut, my feet looked like elephant feet!  Needless to say it warrented a visit to my doc.  He ran some blood tests, ordered me to stay out of the heat and to lay with my legs propped up most of the time.  FUN!  (not).  The following day I got a call from his office asking me to come in right away.  The doctor wanted to talk to me.  Bring my husband if at all possible.  Panic!  Apparently my kidneys started shutting down.  My heart was overworked.  I was (am) extreemly anemic, and my blood counts were way off.  Whew!  I went home with this information and was told to come back in three days to have more blood work done.  He called me that night as well as the next afternoon.  (it was a Saturday) to tell me the good news.  My kidney function was back to normal.  We had been talking possible dialysis.  But there was some very bad news, too.  Surfice to say it gets real personal after that.  More tests are being run this coming Monday but loads of prayers are being said for me and I am adapting a positive attitude.  Hopefully things will work out on there own.  The suspected culprit?  RX strength ibuprophen!  It is thought that that is what is causing some internal bleeding.  Sooooooooooooo........I have been absent but have several new things to add to my blog soon.  Cards and such.  After the first of next week.  A fun, happy adventure to share with you, and..........Love, Elle