Friday, April 22, 2011

If you can forgive me................

If you can forgive me for the VERY poor picture I still would like to be able to share the picture of what I did with some corsage pins and beads along with butterfly carms that you can't really see in the picture but they are there.  I am into making my own embellishments and thought that these was be pretty to stick inside a grouping of flowers on a card.  An added touch to make your card come together at the end.  Imaging this picture is clear and you can actually make out the image of the silver butterfly charm!  Enjoy!  Love, Elle  (these were made for a swap with the group Art For The Creative Mind. 

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Get Well Soon

I needed to make a few get well cards to have on hand as well as use up those snippits of supplies that build up over time.  You know that misc. stash of supplies of snippits that you don't want to get rid of but multiply like Gremlins if you don't use them from time to time?  That is what I'm talking about!  The stamp is one of my favorites from Whipper Snapper.  I just adore that line of stamps.  While I was at The Bistro in Norstrom the other day I asked if I could have some of their doilies-soooooooo pretty....and they gave me a small stack.  Restuarants are usually pretty generous when it comes to things like that.  I also had a few buttons laying around with just the right amount of red and white baker's twine.  After going thru my stash I found just the amount of navy ribbon to add the finishing touches with a pretty bow.  The red circle was cut using a scrap piece of paper and a Nestability die from Spellbinders.  I colored my image using Copic markers and got the saying from a stamp set by Papertrey,Inc.  Enjoy!  Love, Elle

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My new look

Do you like the new look of my blog?  I'm waiting for more sunshine, it might snow this weekend YIKES!!!  I thought a little blue sky was fitting.  I'm off for a few days for the funeral.  Love, Elle

Monday, April 11, 2011

A few things to share today.

I have a few things to share with you today.  My father's funeral is this Friday.  A full Military funeral in West Des Moines, Iowa.  We live in St. Louis, Missouri.  My niece is putting together a scrapbook album to present to my mom the next day about her life with dad.  My sister and I got together to do ours yesterday.  (Sunday).  I had colored all of the image with my Copic Markers the night before.  Of course I used Tilda's! lol.  Here are our efforts.  Love, Elle.
This one has letters tucked in from her Maid-of-Honor at her wedding.  How they met, the wedding itself, over the years.  I also tucked in a letter from me.  I first stamped and colored the fence.  Then I color the shy litte girl and the romantic little boy.  The red rose is a simple of what my dad presented to my mom every year on the anniversary of their engagement.  They had one of the rare true love stories that we all pray we have in our lifetime. 

Here is the second page of the two.  I love the caption that my sister Cynthia came up with!

We miss you, dad!  Below is the card posted that cracks me up every time I see it!  Love, Elle

Sunday, April 10, 2011

This one cracks me up!

This one cracks me up!  When I saw this stamp from WhipperSnapper I knew I had to have it.  The card speaks for itself.  As usual I colored the image with Copic markers, added my favorite buttons, and die cut the rick-rack edging using a die from PapertreyInc.  Enjoy!  Love, Elle

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Dad! An inspiring Story

As you all know I lost my dad recently.  We have had a Memorial Service and next Friday there will be a full Military funeral.  I gotta tell you that I would NEVER prolong this as long as my mom did.  I understand her reasons but dad passed away on Feb. 16th.  No time for closure as it is now.  Oh well!  That isn't the reason I am posting today.  Today is dad's birthday.  Mom asked that we talk to him and pray today.  It is beautiful here in St. Louis today-the sky is a brilliant blue, soft white clouds are flittering by, peaceful.  I was in my car with soft Jazz music playing, the windows were rolled down and my hair was blowing in the air (I was going down a neighorhool street).  All of the sudden I looked up/out and said with a resounding voice "Happy Birthday Dad!  I Love You!".  Just then I felt the softest of butterfly hugs.  My heart stopped.  I got chills.  Thank you dad.....thank you Jesus.  Love, Elle

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Oh my goodness!

Oh my goodness, I LOVE this Tilda image from!  The sweet butterflies just add the perfect touch to this image, don't you think?  I wanted to convey a soft, Spring-like feel to the card with my colors and additions.  The pearls were added at the last moment in order to achieve this look.  I colored my images with Copic markers in order to get some more practice.  Practice makes perfect, right?  I did notice one thing after taking pictures is that one of the tiny roses is missing in the upper right hand corner.  I couldn't find it and need to order more from  I will add it back when my order is received.  I am having fun today just relaxing and playing in my Studio.  The weather here has been crazy but today it will be in the 70's for the St. Louis, Missouri USA area.  NICE for a change lol.  Take care!  Love, Elle

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Not one but two!

Today I have not one but two Tulip Tilda's to showcase. I just love this new stamp from the Butterfly Collection at Magnoliscious! I decided today to use the same stamp in two different color skeims.(sp?) The first one is all girly with pinks, yellows, and greens. I LOVE the way this one turned out. I added some pretty lace and the sweetest dotted swiss ribbon and bow. Of course I had to add my three buttons. lol. The second one is done in blues and reds. I made the large bow a long time ago for a little girl's hair but thought it looked darling on this card. To stay with the theory of three I added three time rhinestones to the bottom right corner. Notice the scallop cut accent paper? I think that adds to the look of the card also. Whick one do you likes best? Love, Elle