Saturday, April 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Dad! An inspiring Story

As you all know I lost my dad recently.  We have had a Memorial Service and next Friday there will be a full Military funeral.  I gotta tell you that I would NEVER prolong this as long as my mom did.  I understand her reasons but dad passed away on Feb. 16th.  No time for closure as it is now.  Oh well!  That isn't the reason I am posting today.  Today is dad's birthday.  Mom asked that we talk to him and pray today.  It is beautiful here in St. Louis today-the sky is a brilliant blue, soft white clouds are flittering by, peaceful.  I was in my car with soft Jazz music playing, the windows were rolled down and my hair was blowing in the air (I was going down a neighorhool street).  All of the sudden I looked up/out and said with a resounding voice "Happy Birthday Dad!  I Love You!".  Just then I felt the softest of butterfly hugs.  My heart stopped.  I got chills.  Thank you dad.....thank you Jesus.  Love, Elle


Corinne said...

I got chills reading your posting. How wonderful for you to receive butterfly hugs after wishing your dear father Happy Birthday....we truly have angels with us always.

Gail said...

Elle, know that your dad is with you every single moment. His spirit will be with you the rest of your life. Hugs, Gail