Thursday, August 18, 2011

My Little Adventure

Before I share my little adventure with you I would like to take a moment to thank everybody for their prayers and well wishes as well as the lovely comments left on my blog.  Heartwarming to be sure.
My little adventure.  I recently celebrated a birthday and every year Charlie (dh) takes me to the InkSpot (a quaint little shop housed in a victorian home in the heart of Kirkwood, Missouri) and lets me pick out some goodies.  I had recently purchased a paper pad from Papertrey Inc. that is full of yummy fruits.  Apples. Watermellon. Pears. Cherries. Strawberries.  I have been itching to use them and was searching for the perfect stamp to compliment my paper.  What better collection than Lockhart Stamp Company!  There were some sample cards made using three "perfect" apples that fit the bill but they didn't have the stamp.  Wahhhhhh!  Why does that always happen?  I meondered over to the counter where the owner was talking to what I thought was another customer and asked if the stamp can be ordered.  Low and behold the other "customer" pulled the stamp out and handed it to me.  What?  A used stamp?  Not on your life. (the stamp was actually brand new-aren't I the snob!) The other customer was none other than Karen Lockhart, owner and designer!  Oh my goodness was she nice!  Not only did I get to meet Karen, she showed me all of her designs, all of the unrealeased stamps, (in her notebook all of her designs where in color) she also gave me tips on coloring them with colored pencils AND copic markers!  Be still my heart.  I love this company and spend time periodically pouring over the stamps on her website.  If you click on them they show up in color.  The site does not do them any justice.  You should see them in person!  You should see what she has in store for us!  Karen is one of the nicest, most giving person that I have met in a long time.  I feel really blessed!  What an adventure!  Not only did I get the stamp, Karen also signed it "Happy Birthday, Michelle from Karen Lockhart".  I will cherished it always.  Love, Elle


Tolegranny said...

Love your rosy apples. Bright..bright. I like bright bold colours.

Peggie said...

Oh my love the applies.

Linda said...

Wow love this fabulous card!!! The colors are delightful!!!!! Love those yummy apples!!!! You did a fabulous job on this one!!!!!