Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Road Trip!

Yep, I'm going on a road trip.  To Kansas.  For a wedding.  In a Victorian mansion.  Charlie and I (dh) are going with my sis Cynthia and brother-in-law Tom (thanks, guys!) to my nephew's wedding Friday.  This is the last time all of us kids will be together with my parents as my mom has dementia (she's 76, dad is 82).  Hopefully it won't be the last time I get to see my folks.  I am soooooo looking forward to this!  My father just got out of the hospital and every time that just scares me.  Forces greater than me have allowed us to take this trip and I am eternally grateful for all that made this possible.  I am busy working on a few projects that I will post when I get back home.  (come home Sunday night)  Well, maybe a day or two later lol.  Hopefully I will also get a chance to share with you pics of the happy couple.........Erin is just a doll and Anthony-what can you say about Anthony?  LOVE HIM!  Both of my sis's kids are so neat-every last one of them.  Sooooooo......I hope you all enjoy your rest of the week, I will miss you when I'm gone!  Love, Elle


BethieJ said...

Elle enjoy your trip! I hope you all have a WONDERFUL time.. get lots of photos! :)

Kathy Gerace said...

I hope your trip was all that you wanted it to be. And I also hope you had time with your parents too. I'm sorry for their health issues - dementia is so nasty. I am happy that the details worked out for you to be able to go.
Kathy Gerace