Saturday, September 11, 2010

I'll Call This Pocket Patti

I'll call this Pocket Patti.  Last night I was up worrying about one of my boys (do we EVER stop worrying?) who was working downtown into the night.  Boy, the visions of doom and gloom I was having!  So.....................I got to work in my studio creating Pocket Patti.  Every once in a while I make myself pull out an old stamp (this one is from WhipperSnapper) and see what I can come up with.  I also wanted some practice using my Copic markers and what better way than to color up a stamp.  I apologize that I forgot to list my Copic colors before I put them away but I CAN tell you that I use B91, B93 and B95 for my blue jean colors.  What can I say, it was late and I was freaking out.  Literally.  Freaking out.  I then decided to find a single two-sided piece of paper to use-my assignment to myself-for the card.  I allowed myself white card stock for the base of the card. best to put this together?  Cuttlebug and Nestibilities are pulled out where I cut and embossed around the image.  Then it was time to assemble.  It needed something to pull the project together.  I tried ribbon.  I tried trim.  I tried ALL sorts of buttons.  Nothing was working.  Time to dig into my tool chest and pull out some brads.  As you may have noticed in earlier posts, brads are not my friend.  I do 'crooked' well.  I was determined not to have that happen this time.  You would think I was doing Cancer research with the precision I was using trying not to get the holes crooked!  I think I managed to pull it off this time!  (patting myself on the back).  I must have pulled out every brad I had.  I wanted 4 of the same kind.  Do you think that would be too much to ask?  I also wanted a bright happy color to go with the bright happy paper.  FINALLY I found 4 blue brads that hit the mark.  Off to finish my card.  My tape glider decides to act up.  Dang!  ScorTape it is.....see how long it takes me to actually finish a card?  Geez.......the trials and tribulations of creation.  Thanks for playing along with me.  Love, Elle

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