Friday, September 10, 2010

Ponderings-What steps can you take to improve your artwork?

A question was asked by the fearless leader of Art For The Creative Mind-Tolegranny.  We just love our tg!  What steps can you take to improve your artwork?  Hum.....let's think about this for a bit.  It is a personal question.  I know I want to learn to use my Copic Markers MUCH better.  There is definitely a learning curve there for me.  I am so heavy-handed when it comes to coloring, painting, or writing!  Not be so afraid to try new things.  FEAR is a word I hear over and over again from creative people. Personally I need to slow down.  Take my time when working on a project.  Again, don't be afraid to tackle a project that seems hard at the time.  Great works of art come about that way.  Give up on the idea that magic will just flow out of me every time I am trying to put together a project.  Skill takes time.  PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE!  Did I say practice?  Oh my-Charlie has come home with dinner!  Yeah-no cooking for me lol.  Elle

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