Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Are you a Designer?

Are you a designer?  Let's think about this.  (I often sit and ponder these things) When you take a rubberstamp and make a card with it, does that make you a designer?  You certainly didn't design the rubberstamp, did you?  BUT, you did take that design, and with it DESIGNED a card.  Does that make you a Designer, also?  When you take various elements that others have created and put them together in your own way, does that make you a Designer?  I happen to think so.  Every time we make something we are sharing out thoughts and visions with the world around us be it a card, a layout, an altered art project, or anything else for that matter.  It is OUR design using these elements, not the person who designed the elements, isn't it?  Let's not get into copywrite issues, this is just a discussion.  Food for thought.  In my humblest of opinions I think anyone who creates is also Designs.  I, Elle, am a DESIGNER! 

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Peggy B said...

I totally agree with you that one who uses their skill in coordinating objects made by others is definitley a designer. Whether it be paper art, painters, home interior designers who move the furniture and assessories around in a pleasing manner.
If one creates a pleasing image for others to enjoy, from their talents and imagination...they are indeed designers!!