Thursday, September 9, 2010

My creative journey

Have you ever stopped to think about where you are at in your creative journey?  Do you ever just skip around all over the place?  Case in point.  I just finished up 12 copies of my snowman January calendar swap.  Loved how they came out!  Now I am thinking about making some fleece hats.  Time to dust off the sewing machine!  I found them most adorable felt flowers on Country Magazine's website to add to the side of my white hats.  Christmas presents are required to be handmade this year between all of the adults....which includes me and 6 children with a few dil's and sil's.  My mind is jumping from one idea to the next.  Being that some of my family actually reads my blog-hi sisters!-I don't want to reveal too much but suffice to say it will be cute, it may revolve around the kitchen, it will definitely be about your home, and may include something personal.  I think that covers it all, don't you?  Will it be something hand painted this year?  Maybe.  Will it be something hand sewn?  Definitely.  Will it involve paper?  Most certainly.  Will it be made out of love?  A resounding YES.  I'm off to cut out my hats.  Enjoy your day!  Tomorrow I will be canning some Salsa with my best bud Carol.  FUN!  Elle

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