Friday, June 11, 2010

Too many ideas!

Have you ever just had too many ideas of things you wanted to make/create that your brain just can't keep up with them?  That is exactly what is happening to me right now.  With recovery still in the beginning stages I can't just play in my studio to my hearts content.  Heck, I'm even planning what I want to make for everybody for Xmas presents!  How about homemade candles?  The kind that smell just yummy, not wimpy.  The kind that are a delight when you open your door. would I decorate them?  Package them?  No ordinary box will do.  It has to have a complete theme!  I'm in to recipe cards-6 x 6- right now.  How about collections of them?  I remember seeing somewhere a stand that displays them on rings in plastic page protectors.  I could use the same stand for photos?!  No, recipies it is.  I'm learning to cook FINALLY (much to my dh's delight) and thanks to William Sonoma for the free classes.  How about making up baskets?  Alright, no ordinary baskets.....they have to be decorated just right!  See what I mean? 
These thoughts transpire from cards to tags to knitting projects to questions like, what can I come up with that is completely unique....above and beyond.  Whew!  I need to go rest now lol.  I will be posting more project pictures soon.  Elle

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