Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Coloring with Copic Markers-a Sample

I am self taught in most of my artistic endeavors.  After viewing beautiful works of art colored with Copic Markers I decided that I, too, wanted to learn to create art like that.  Color scares me.  Or I should say, adding color to my projects scares me.  But I buckled down and bought myself a few Copic Markers at a time until I had enough of them to 'play' with.  I researched the web, viewed countless tutorials using these markers and promptly fell in love with them.  I pictured myself placing them in my hand and beautiful music flowing out of them naturally. NOT!  I have perservered.  Here is a practice sample of my efforts.  I love this stamp.  It reminds me of nature and spring/summer, of happiness, of beauty.  Don't judge too harshly, I have hours upon hours of practice to do!  Oh, btw, my grandson grapped my markers before I could write down which ones that I used for this - a major pet peeve of mine is when someone doesn't list the colors that they used.  OOPS!  I won't let that happen again!  Sorry 'bout that.  Elle

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