Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Domino Necklace using alcohol inks

I made this necklace for a swap in the group Art For the Creative Mind (best group on the web!).  Using a domino I played around with dapping alcohol inks ala Tim Holz until I got the backgroud that I liked.  Then I sketched my lady on with a Sharpie permanent marker.  I glued a bead using E6000 glue, ran some black cording thru and added some decorative beading making this into a necklace for my swap partner.  I sure hope she liked it because I had a blast learning how to make it.  The best thing about the group Art For the Creative Mind is that TG (our leader) pushes us to step our of our comfort zones and try new things.  Sign up for the swaps that scare you the most and you will learn more new things!  Elle

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PlumCat Art said...

Love your domino necklace!...and your beads. Mary Ann AFTCM