Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I was thinking.......

I was thinking this morning about what tools and/or nicknacks that I use the most.  If you are like me you are a supply junkie.  An addict.  The kind that will hide the bags in the truck until our DH's aren't around to see what else we just had to have.  Sound familiar?  I'm lucky though.  Charlie (dh) generally is very supportive of my 'artistic obsessions'.  I have enough supplies to enable a third world country to craft for a month.  But is it enough?  There is always something I HAVE to get.  I scrimp and save until I can get what I want.  There must be a 12 step group somewhere for people like me!?  But..........I use so much of what I have and it brings me great joy to share with others.  My favorite tools right now are my Cuttlebug, ScorPal, Fiskars paper trimmer, BOW EASY, Copic markers, RIBBONS and trims of all kinds, buttons galore....see what I mean? lol.  I was in a car accident last August 19th and my art time is very limited.  Had another back surgery the 19th of May and am recovering slowly so pictures and step by step projects will be coming to my blog soon but it may take some time.  Stick with me, it will be a blast once it all get rolling!  Elle

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Joyce's Journey said...

Hi Elle! Welcome to Blogland! You will have lots of fun here. I started my blog two years ago and have learned much along the way, but still have far to go. Tara Frey has a good book to help, "Blogging for Bliss". I love your domino necklace. I have a ton of alcohol inks and am always hearing about new ways to use them. Just need to go do it! I also love what you said about using paints. I have a ton of those too that are probably feeling very neglected.

I can relate to the abundance of supplies. My daughter says that she can't understand how I can go into an art store, Michaels or Joann's and still find something to buy. Imagine that!!

I'm a member of Art for the Creative Mind also and love, love, love it!!