Saturday, July 17, 2010

Yesterday and Today

Yesterday and today have been filled with the mundane activities that life demands of us.  Drs. appointments, taxi cab service, cooking, folding laundry.  Now you have to remember, even walking is hard for me right now and I am still working hard to build my strength back up from being homebound and partially bedridden for the greater part of this last year.  The anniversary of my automobile is coming up on August 19th and I think I will throw myself a party.  Whoppie pies for all!  I love to entertain and be creative with my decorations.  I will need a centerpiece and some napkin rings.........cupcake favors........I think I will buy some Matchbook cars for the kids and the adults with bandages on them.  Wouldn't that be a hoot?   My mind is churning once again.  No, I won't be able to accomplish all that I want to but I sure can have some fun coming up with the ideas!  Do you ever do that yourself?  I don't have any projects to share with you today but will soon.  I have a image swap to complete and another swap for my group, Art For The Creative Mind.......dots and circles......some embossing required.  Sounds easy, right?  For some reason I am a little stumped with this one.  Lord only knows what I will come up with.  I am anxiously awaiting an order of 100 yds. of white seam binding so I can dye my own ribbons (crinkle ribbon, that is).  Gosh, how I love the ideas you can find on the internet!  I hope all is well with everyone out in cyberland.  Elle!

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