Friday, July 9, 2010

It's Multipling!

After looking at my Tilda card in my last post I thought it would work great for my next set of Recipe Cards.  I wanted to show you work in progress.
First, of course, you have to have your buttons ready!
Then it is on to stamping and beginning to color your images with the copic markers.  I feel just like Octomom!
Here are the aprons that I am going to use.  I widened them in order to be able to fit a recipe card in each pocket.  I will probably matt the recipe card on red cardstock, printed out in white and stamp a little apple in the corner.  I still have to play with it when I get to that point.  Otherwise it will look like the Tilda card I made for my sister in my other post.  Stay tuned for pics of the final product in a day or two.  I'm off to go swimming with my hunny.  Bye!  Elle

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Otter Blue said...

I really like the idea of the apron with a recipe really have me thinking. Do you have a pattern for this that you would be willing to share? Marnie