Sunday, July 11, 2010

My promised Tilda Apple Recipe Card!

Earlier I posted a Tilda apron card that I made for my sis's bday and told you that I was going to make some recipe cards using the same idea.  Here it is! (along with a yummy recipe) Click on the bottom image for a good view of the recipe!   Elle


Otter Blue said...

Cute things aren't really my style but I do love the apron recipe card idea!

Sherry of 3 Bears Designs said...

I don't which one I would pick if I had too. They are both so cute. As for the yellow from the table showing up on the card. You can do one of two things. Take 12 x 12 scarpbooking paper that is white and put it down. Which give you a nice area before the yellow table shows. You do wonderful work! Thanks so much for sharing.
Sherry L.