Thursday, July 22, 2010

Mad Scientist Experiment!

I thought I would show you pictures of my Mad Scientist Experiment.  Talking about getting "down and dirty"!  I love making my own embellishments whether it be flowers, buttons, paper piecing or fibers.  Since I had signed up to participate in a Fiber swap with Art For The Creative Mind I thought that I would make my own fibers.  You may have been seeing some of the beautiful dyed crinkle ribbons being offered on Etsy and featured on different projects as you browse different blogs.  These are made by hand dying seam binding.  ZIPPERSTOP is a company that sells this product in 100yd. bolts - I think I paid about $11 for mine which included the shipping and handling.  Although they have hundreds of colors I would suggest white or cream.  You start by cutting lengths of ribbon (I used approx. 5yrd. lengths) and misting it with water just to dampen.  You keep picking it up and turning the bunch for even saturation.  Then it is on to the pretty colors.  I used one-three shades of the same color family on some of them and Angel Mist Marshmellow for a glimmer effect over some of the colors.  I mixed concoctions, watered down some colors, and played away!  When you are satified with what you have, wad it up in a ball and stick it into the bottom corner of a Ziplock type bag, twisting around it and tying off to hold it tight.  I then leave it overnight.  The next morning you take it out-don't worry it will still be somewhat damp.  Fluff it out and let it dry.  Voila'!  Here are some pictures of my supplies and some of the scrumpdilisious colors I came up with so far.  Yummy!

Above is a picture of the seam binding that I used.
My mad scientist experiment-you should see the color of my hands!  I couldn't find my surgical gloves-oh well!  That is part of the fun of it. 
Aren't they delicious?  You will begin seeing me use them on some upcoming projects!  I wonder what color I will be sending in for my Fiber swap?  Hummmmm.  Happy day to all!  Elle

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Anne Kristine said...

Thank you so much for inspiration!
Beautiful colors!!!