Monday, March 7, 2011

My goals

One day I was talking to my dad right before he died and he made me promise to "keep up" with my art.  Not only did I promise him I told him of my goal to be published in a magazine.  AND to learn how to take better photographs of my work.  Mind you, my sister Pam is a professional photographer who happens to live out of town and who changed the settings on my computer, giving me tips.  BUT my photos suck (OOPS!  did I say that??)  I started using natural light.  I use a tripod.  Always, it seems, they seem blurred to me.  Don't they?  I view different blogs and the ones I like best are the blogs that have clear, crisp photos.  How do they achieve that?  Darned if I know!  Does anyone have any tips?  A photo box maybe?  Hum.....I just don't know.  You know how it is when you make a promise to a dying man you darn well better follow up with it, you know what I mean?  Of course there were other promises-keep exercisising, take care of my physical self, that sort of thing.  Easy compared to good photos! HELP I say HELP!  I am coming to you for tips and suggestions.  Anyone want to come to my house and do it for me?  lol.  Seriously, HELP!  Love, Elle 

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Anonymous said...

Hi Elle - here's a link to a thread on SCS... it'll show you how to pull the gray off your photos... I don't have the same software she does but I can do it in iPhoto...
good luck... it's a challenge for sure! : )
Pam Going Postal