Thursday, December 9, 2010

What I'm up to

I haven't posted any pictures in a few days because I have been CRAZY busy.  How about you?  Here is a short list of what is happening in my life:
1.  Painting 9 presents
2.  Making 16 ____ (it is a secret!)
3.  Preparing for my Cookie Exchange party.
4.  Decorating cookie boxes for said party
5.  Making gingerbread sugar cookie ornaments as party favors.
6.  Cleaning my house.  (yes, I said cleaning) lol
7.  Planning my annual Christmas breakfast.
8.  Cleaning and decorating my bff's house for the party.
9.  Preparing the craft class we are doing at the party.
10.  Baking and cooking for my house.
11.  Making whoppie pies.
12.  Making 4-6 dozen cookies for the party using a recipe that grandma used every Christmas.
13.  Not sleeping in order to get things done.
14.  Working out at the swimming pool.
15,.  Making 2 scraplings for a swap with Art For The Creative Mind-a wonderful online group.
16.  Getting something made and ready for my blog post tomarrow or the day after.
HELP!  So much to do and so little time!  Love, Elle

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