Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I found my Camera! Here are some candles I painted

Yippie Skippie!  I found my camera!  Whew......The very first thing I wanted to show you are some candles that I hand painted in a class with Barb Ogden-a great teacher.  I haven't painted since Christmas of 2008 so this was a stretch for me.  My kids love them because they are exploding candles!  Light them and the varnish will cause them ot explode!  lol.  Tell me what you think.  Love, Elle
Here is some closeups.  Aren't these a hoot?


PlumCat said...

Your ornaments are awesome! Mary Ann AFTCM

paintnputter said...

These are super cute Elle. You did a great job. I only wish I had your energy and drive.

Hugs, Ruth

Hobby Hobbs said...

Elle these candles are soooooooo cute,Love them all.

Sandy said...

HO HO HO - cue!

Suzanne J Dean said...

Oh I love, love these--how stinkin' adorable! Do you sell them on Etsy!? I'd love to buy some--we are a bit penguin crazy in my family!