Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween treat bags

I was at a resturant last year that served it's silverware in this skinny white paper bags that I thought would be good for something crafty so I asked the manager is she would be willing to donate so to a good cause (my art studio lol) and she readily agreed.  What I didn't expect was th 200-250 she bagged up for me!  They have been sitting here all of this time when I got the brilliant idea of making Halloween treat bags for my grandkids Halloween parties at school.  We also made some to donate to a church for their anual Trunk or Treat event.  My sis and I spent several afternoons stamping, punching, stuffing, and attaching upwards of 115 treat bags.  Below are two samples on how they turned out.  The second set was attached with some monster cupcake pics that I made but never used.  Aren't they cute?  Love, Elle


Panagiota said...

So cute treat bags Elle!Happy Halloween!!

Anonymous said...

How cute! I'm sure these will be a great success
Hugs Julie P

cabio's craft corner said...

Super cute and adorable projects :o)

NGCARDS said...

These are fantastic! xxx

Linda said...

Wow elle what a project!!!!! You did an awesome job on these bags!!!! 115 bags wow amazing!!!! These bags are adorable and what a kind thing to do for kids!!!!! Way to go Ellen on a job well done!!!!!

Sandy said...

These are really cute! Yum - yum!