Monday, June 27, 2011

My quest

My quest to take better photos is in full swing.  On one of the blogs I visited recently the owners daughter made a light box out of a  clear plastic bin, interfacing, and poster board with two clip-on desk lamps.  Her pictures were awesome!  It follows the same principals of a cardboard box only sturdier.  I think I will give it a try!  Now to find a place in the house to take my pictures.  So far I have been venturing outside with a chair, some fabric, and my trusty tripod.  I can's wait to pick Lisa's brain for some more details!  Has anyone else had success with other light boxes?  I know Susanne Dean gave me some tips-Thanks Susanne!  I don't have Photoshop but do have another program thru Kodak that allows me to adjust my photos.  Now to learn how to use it! lol.

I have my other two birthday cards for my mom to show you.  Just waiting for the wet weather to leave so I can take the photos.  I may need yet ANOTHER camera battery.  Darn It!

I also have a steampunk spoon to show you.  We have a swap going on over at Art For The Creative Mind.  You should google it and check it out.  My link feature is giving me trouble or I would give you the link for the group.  It is a Yahoo group.  I never did any art in that style so it was a real stretch for me.  Everyone should take time to go out of their comfort zone and explore.  Which brings me to image transfers.  There are so many techniques to use.  Aileens Tacky Glue, Packing Tape, Lemon  scented Pinesol but I am going to be trying Gesso on Canvas.  You spread Gesso on your canvas about the thickness of peanut butter.  Place your image on top then leave it alone for a full 24hrs.  You can't touch it before hand.  Spray it with water then start rubbing the paper off with your fingers.  This will take a little bit but it is so worth it!  If some of the image doesn't transfer thats okay-we like it that way!  Give it a try.  Google or search U-tube for other image transfer directions.  Enjoy your day!  I'm off to play with the kiddies.  Love, Elle   

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Anonymous said...

I've been experimenting with photos too, now that i've started blogging. I have made the white box from card and take my photos underneath my dining room light as it is quite bright with 3 evenly spaced globes. this works for me. Good luck with the experimenting
Hugs Julie P