Friday, January 28, 2011

Update on my dad

God has other plans.  Dad is still with us.  For some reason unbenounst to us he has survived this far.  Funny how I have reverted back to a little girl as I go thru this process.  I find myself calling him daddy.  I want to crawl into his lap where I belong!  I was always a daddy's girl.  I want to be that once again.  It is hard to watch a parent die.  It is even harder to watch my mom handle her partner of almost 57 years slipping away.  Prayers are needed for my family.  That my dad die with dignity and respect.  That my mom doesn't crumble with the overwhelming loss.  That me and those who love Thomas Max Williamson see the joy in his life beyond our pain.  It is hard to loose my dad.............................Elle


charlene said...

Elle my heart goes out to you and your family ! Prayers for an all abiding peace for you all

Christel Webb said...

You and your family are in my prayers Elle. I hope your dad is not suffering and will go home sleeping.

Christel (spelled like Christ with an el on the end)

Cricket said...

I'm sorry you are going through this. I too am struggling with my dad and his health. I lost my mom years ago. My dad has liver cancer which of course is not curable. However, he was diagnosed in June, 2010 and he is still with us. The will to live is a strong force.

God Bless You - you are in my prayers.


Chris said...

so sorry to hear your news. I have lost my mum and dad, but 3 months ago lost my lovely husband, who was only 60. Know what you are going through, keep strong. You are all in my thoughts